Yoga Classes

Yoga9:30 AM Free Yoga and Meditation class for beginners. Donations are accepted to either Cross of Glory building use or CASA. Instructor:  Tammy Kjos

This Hatha yoga class is open for everyone, but is designed for the beginner student who may feel that he or she is not ready for a traditional yoga class.  We focus on stretching and strengthening our muscle groups, learning basic poses with proper alignment and improving posture and balance.  Coordination of breath with movement helps to balance your mind, body and spirit and helps you get into a meditative state.

This is a free class and everyone is welcome. Students should bring a yoga mat, a strap, blocks and a blanket.  New students may borrow equipment from Tammy.

Class meets 9:30-10:30 AM, every Saturday in the worship area at Cross of Glory.  Please contact Tammy at 708-334-8351 with questions or to check on cancellations.


8:00 AM Yoga and Meditation class for all levels.  Cost is $10.00, with 2.00 going toward CASA, our mission in Mexico.  Instructor:  Janet Fender

All experience levels welcome. Class description: Hatha and some flow, experienced teacher with modifications to lead all levels.

Class meets 8:00-9:00 AM, every Saturday in the worship area at Cross of Glory. Please contact Janet at 815-838-5285, email