Gift Card Ministry

What is Manna?

Manna is a fundraising program where you purchase gift cards at face value, and Cross  of  Glory  receives  a  percentage from each gift card. The money raised goes to support the mission and ministry of Cross of Glory.  There are cards for everyday and special occasion  purchases.  You can put your everyday shopping dollars to work and support CoG without spending additional money.

How Does the Program Work?

The Manna Coordinator collects orders for gift cards that can be used for groceries, gasoline, clothing, entertainment, and household goods at local and national retailers. Some of the nationally known retailers include: Wal-Mart, Jewel, Whole Foods, JCPenney, Kohls, Macy’s, J. C. Penny, Best Buy, Shell, Speedway, Starbucks, Panera, Chili’s, Texas Roadhouse, Maggiano’s, The Home Depot, and Subway. For a full list of vendors, click Vendors. These retailers have agreed to sell gift cards to our organization at a discount. Families like yours will buy the gift cards at full face value, and the difference will go to support the mission and ministry of Cross of Glory.

Below is a one month example of how your gift card purchases contribute to the ministries at Cross of Glory.

Monthly   Expense

Using Gift   Cards from…

CoG gets

Gasoline ($200):

Speedway (4%)


Groceries ($400)

Jewel (4%)


Breakfast / Lunch
Fast Food ($100)

Wendy’s (4%)
Burger King (4%)
Starbuck’s (7%)
Arby’s (8%)
KFC (9%)
Red Robin (9%)


Movies ($50)

AMC Movies (8%)


Dinner ($100)

Chili’s (11%)
Outback (8%)
Texas Roadhouse(9)
Olive Garden (9%)


Miscellaneous ($200)

Kohl’s (4%)
Target/Walmart (2%)
Home Depot (4%)
Walgreens (6%)


A family with this spending pattern could “donate” $50 a month to Cross of Glory just by using gift cards – without spending an additional penny! If all the families of CoG participated in the manna program, we could raise thousands of dollars!

How Can You Get Started?

The Order Forms are in the Welcome Room.  You can also download the forms from our website.  There is an Order Form with a full list of Vendors.  We also have a ‘quick’ order form. You can use either form to place your Manna order.  Simply fill out the form, select your gift cards, write a check to “Cross of Glory”, and deposit your order form and check in the Mailbox marked Manna next to Laura’s office.  Orders are placed every week or two.  Usually orders are ready by the next Sunday.  We will send you email when your gift cards can be picked up.

Call the church office for additional information (708) 301-6998.