CROP Walk 2014 is September 28th. Help us to fight against hunger, one step at a time.

The walk starts at First Congregational Church in Lockport, 2:00 PM.

The walk will be very similar to last year’s walk with a slight change to the route along the canal. Last year, the Lockport CROP Hunger Walk raised $5,758.04 last year with 110 participants.  We raised more last year than the previous 2 years combined!   Our goal for this year is $7,500. and 150 participants. That would be about $50.00 per walker.   We hope to get more Lemont, Homer Glen and Lockport churches involved, too.


Christian World Services, CWS,  is helping us organize the walk and will supply us with recruitment materials.  We are looking for someone to attend the Recruiter Rally on August 18th, at the First Congregational church in Lockport.


Part of the amount we raise will be granted to the Lockport Fish Food Pantry and the Lemont Food Pantry. The rest goes to worldwide and national Christian World Services.






Each year we join other local churches in our community in the annual Lockport CROP Walk.  We walk to help raise awareness and funds to fight hunger. (CROP stands for Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty).

Last year we started at the First Congregational Church, walked down to the Canal, through neighborhoods, to the track at Dellwood Park and returned to the First Congregational Church.

Hunger strikes people everywhere – in our own neighborhoods, congregations, states, nation, and world.  Many people are one paycheck away from needing assistance from a local food pantry.  In recent years, hunger has struck much closer to home.

CROP Walks raise money for local food pantries, provide funds for emergency relief when disaster strikes, supports grassroots development, and aids refugees and displaced persons locally, nationally, and internationally. Twenty-five percent of all donations we collect go to the local F.I.S.H Food Pantry (F.I.S.H.). The remaining donations will to Church World Services programs.

The next Lockport CROP Walk is scheduled in October 2014.

How Can you Participate?

You Can Walk! Pick up for your CROP Walker Envelope and start gathering your sponsors.

You Can Raise Money! Sign up for your CROP Walker Envelope today and start gathering your sponsors. You can also raise money online at

You Can Sponsor the CROP Walk Team! You can write a check payable to CWS/CROP and deposit your check in the CROP Walk envelope in the Welcome Room. You can also make an online donation at

For more information about CROP Walks, visit the website at or call the church office (708) 301-6998.

Let’s walk together with our family, friends, and community and Walk Against Hunger.

Everyone Has Something to Offer!